National Semiconductor LCD Rechneruhr

Weltweit erster Scientific LCD Calculator, entwickelt von der amerikanischen Firma National Semiconductor, 1977. Zahlreiche Rechenfunktionen, Licht.

NSC LCD calculator watch, 1977.

When it was announced in 1977 it was the Worlds 1st LCD Scientific calculator watch with trigonometric, logarithmic, and normal maths functions, as well as a numeric memory for things like a telephone number. This watch features time, date, calendar, and mathematical functions, including some algebraic functions involving months/weeks/days like an HP01 does. Time is shown in 6 digit format including seconds, and the AM / PM indicator is the decimal point on the leftmost side of the display. The watch actually computes to 8 digits, but can only show 6 digits at once, including a floating point mode where only 3 digits plus the a 2 digit exponent are shown, However, pressing the right hand button displays the remaining 5 of the 8 in total. Most keys have two functions, and some three. Dates and times are entered as numbers on the keyboard which simplifies date entry compared to waiting for counting up on other digital watches. There is a back light illuminating the display panel at both sides.