Small but fine private collection, lovingly presented. In addition you will find something on the subject of Nixie clocks as well:


A Digital watch forum for collectors who like to exchange experiences and opinions in the field of digital watches:


Wonderful pictures of the most precious collector's items you can admire are found on the web site “Monde watch”:


An informative site covering all Pulsar models including a history about the development of the first digital watches can be found at:


An informative site about LED watches is appealingly presented by Jürgen Hofstädter:


Precious wristwatches and also some digital models can be found on the following site:


Some interesting pieces from Japan can be seen here:


A collectors site for solar operated wrist watches. Nice layout and a huge amount of worthful information on this watch type:


Home of the Vintage Digital Watches from early Seventies and Eighties, like Seiko, Citizen, Casio.


Simply the best site for all your retro watch needs!


LED watches from the 1970's digital era. Omega / Pulsar gallery pictures. Plus many great LED pictures.


Great site for vintage watch collectors. Special section for LED watches.


New site with a lot of informations for the LED watch enthusiast.


The digital watch library is a reference database of watches from 1970s through to the mid 90s.


Shop of vintage LCDs, with vintage digital watches of all levels.


A wide selection of unique watches are covered by the Unique watch guide. It relates some of their history and development and identifies the characteristics that make them out of the ordinary.


This homepage shows mainly electric and electronic wrist watches. A nice collection!


Ed Cantarella`s private homepage.


Abe´s nice homepage with excellent photos and descriptions!


A very informative site on the history of Optel watches. With rare avertisements and video films.


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