Omega Sensor Quartz LCD Uhr "Okapi"

Erste Multifunktiuons LCD Uhr aus dem Hause Omega, Modell Sensor Quartz, etwa 1980. Hochwertige Ausführung in Edelstahl mit integriertem Armband und großer Faltschließe mit Omega-Logo. Umfangreiche Funktionen die über ein Sensorfeld angesteuert werden. Die Kaliberbezeichnung ist 1640. Die Uhr befindet sich in sehr gutem Zustand mit nur wenigen Nutzungsspuren. Voll funktionsfähig, perfektes Modul mit makellosem Display. Mit original Omega Anleitung. Selten und sammelwürdig!

Omega multi function L.C.D. watch, model Sensor Quartz. Cal 1640. Numerous functions, controlled by a sensor pad. Excellent condition with light wear marks. Perfect module condition with flawless display panel. Fully functioning with original Omega manual. Rare and collectible!

Reference: MD 386.0811

Movement: Type: Quartz electronic multifunction
First LCD microprocessors multimemory caliber.
Produced in a total quantity of 15'000 pieces only.

First quartz watch with sensor, allowing the use and programming of 9 different functions in addition to the traditional hour-minutes-seconds.
Swiss retail price (1980) : CHF 600.-

Designed by Raymond Froldevaux (under the direction of Hans Schailer). Launched as a world first on 19th April 1980 at the start of the Basel Watch Fair, to mark the 10th anniversary of OMEGA quartz watches. First microprocessor multimemory LCD watch with continuos display of hours, minutes and seconds, and offering nine simultaneously operational programs: chronograph, countdown, rendezvous, wake-up alarm, hourly signal, memorizing a first and a second date, hours and minutes of another timezone, day and date. Selection and setting simplified through the new sensor technology, developed in collaboration with the Electronic Watch Centre of Neuchatel, invented by Jean-Felix Perotto.